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Streetlamp Productions

A beacon for the Tucson Artistic Community

With so many wonderful things to do in Tucson, how can you possibly see them all?  That's where Streetlamp Productions comes in.  Streetlamp was originally conceptualized as a hub to bring the Tucson Artistic community together.  To be a place where local, as we call them, "homeless", companies could bring their works to life.  We decided why stop there?  Why not reach out to musicians; artist; local vendors; and other like minded individuals and make a place we could all call home.

While Streetlamp does not currently have that place yet, we are currently looking for a venue to house all that Tucson has to offer.  Are you a local artist; musician; vendor; or part of a "homeless" company looking for a place to produce your works?  Contact us! We are looking to partner with you and, together, make our dreams come true.

Our Team

Founder, Robin Carson, studied acting at the University of Arizona and has been working in the Tucson Theatre circuit for the past 12 years.  She has bounced around most of the local

theatre companies and felt that, with so much talent in our community, there needed to be a place to house it all.


Artistic Manager, Mike Saxon, has a Theatre Arts Degree from the University of Arizona and has been working in the Theatre circuit for 15 years.  He is looking forward to creating a real change in the theatre scene and having fun doing it!

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