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Rai Revival Theatre Logo

The Radio Revival Theatre was originally conceived as a place holder between main stage productions at The Comedy Playhouse, but it has since grown in the hearts of our actors and audience members.  With its original Old Time Radio scripts and musical scores, the Radio Revival Theatre will be sure to have you second guessing what time period you are in.  The Radio Revival Theatre is a live staged reading of two to three classic radio shows performed with live sound effects from our Foley table, period inspired costumes, and even recordings of each classics original score to give you a sense that you have traveled back in time to a 1930's radio broadcast.


We are always looking for more people to add to our ensemble.  If you are interesting in performing with us, contact us!

Our special brand of Old Time Radio Theatre was inspired by the late Butch Lynn and his troupe GART (Golden Age of Radio Theatre)  without whom our little piece of history would not exist. 

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